Our products

We use only professional-grade products for all of our services and continuously seek to use only products that are made in America.  We stay abreast of all new products and processes to ensure we are always offering the best results available.  We refuse to cut corners in our products and tools to ensure you receive only the best and longest lasting results available in the industry.
Windshield Repair: We use only professional windshield repair tools and resins from GlasWeld Systems Inc in Bend, Oregon. 
Headlight Restoration: We use products from GlasWeld Systems Inc to clear, coat, and cure your vehicle's headlights to achieve the best and longest-lasting results in the industry:
    • Features an OEM quality solution to the two fold problem of scratch resistence and UV protection.
    • Utilize state-of-the-art UV curing technology for a fast and durable, fully cross-linked polymer finish for a clear and long lasting headlight repair.
    • Provide fast curing times with a safe UVA curing light and quick flash UV Hard Coat.
    • Offer a brilliant, streak-free finish that is easily applied.