QUESTION: Why should I choose EMC Headlights?
ANSWER: Bottom line, we offer only professional-grade products with the longest lasting results in the business, professional customer service, we are not a fly-by-night company, and we can offer our service at reasonable costs because we are mobile and don't pass on the cost of a brick-and-mortar location to you.  With our service, we come directly to you, so no taking time off work to drop off your car and pick it up, and no waiting in a lobby. We specialize in these two services and provide the best results possible. It's what we do, not something we do.  
QUESTION: How did my headlights get this way?
ANSWER: Ultra-violet (UV) rays from the sun are the primary culprit to hazy, foggy, and/or oxidized headlights.  Other environmental conditions and debris can also cause scratches and fading.  Cars parked outside 24/7 tend to fade faster than garaged cars.  Headlights are made of polycarbonate, which is an extremely strong, light weight, and durable material.  However, it is porous and highly vulnerable to UV rays.  Manufacturers apply a protective UV coating to headlights at the factory, and over time, the factory protective coating begins to break down and become faded, foggy, yellow, and oxidized. 
QUESTION: I have seen other headlight restoration services and DIY kits offered for less money, why shouldn't I use them?
ANSWER: You never know what you're going to get.  Most of these services are looking to make quick cash and will usually complete a service in 15-30 minutes, start to finish.  This is usually the "Scuff and buff" method where the headlight is sanded and quickly buffed, but no new UV coating is applied.  It looks good initially, but won't last more than a few weeks to a few months.  If a UV coating is applied, most of the time it is a low-grade non-professional coating.  Bottom line, we take no shortcuts and use only professional-grade protectants which are designed for the sole purpose of protecting your headlights.  We warranty our service for two years, but because we use an OEM-quality UV coating, it will generally last as long as the original coating.  Again, the durability greatly depends on environmental conditions and amount of exposure to UV light.
QUESTION: Any other reasons I should choose EMC over low-cost options?
ANSWER: Do they offer a warranty?  We offer a two-year warranty on all headlight restorations, and we warranty windshield repair for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.  Do they have insurance?  We are insured by Erie Insurance Group for any potential damage to your vehicle.  Are they licensed?  We are a licensed and registered business in the state of Ohio, and we are currently in the process of registering with the Better Business Bureau and the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.  We have also been trained, tested, and certified through GlasWeld Systems, Inc.
QUESTION: How do you restore headlights?
ANSWER: We use a three-step process to restore your headlights: clear, coat, cure.  First, we remove the oxided and degraded factory UV coating by sanding.  Second, we coat your lights with an OEM professional-grade UV hard coat.  Lastly, we cure the hard coat with a frequency-tuned UV light to harden the coating for industry-leading durability. 
QUESTION: How do you repair a chipped or cracked windshield?
ANSWER: First, we remove all moisture, air and debris from the chip/crack, and then use only the best products available to inject a professional-grade resin into the chip/crack to restore its structural integrity and appearance.  Once the resin is injected, we use a UV curing light to cure the resin, scrape off any residue, and lastly, we polish the affected area.
QUESTION: What will happen if I don't repair a chip in my windshield?
ANSWER: More than likely, excessive vibration and/or hitting a bump in the road will cause the chip to create a crack in the windshield.  This crack will continue to grow and expand, and most cracks more than 6-inches long require the windshield to be replaced (much costlier than repairing).  Luckily, repairing a chip or small crack is generally free of charge because insurance companies would much rather pay to repair for approximately $50, rather than replace for several hundred dollars or $1000+ for some makes/models. 
QUESTION: How long will my headlights remain clear after being restored?
ANSWER: We offer a two-year warranty on our headlight restoration service (longest in the industry, and most other services don't offer any warranty).  However, long-term studies of our UV protective coating have demonstrated results lasting more than three years and counting.  Headlight restoration services have grown exponentially in the last few years and "new and improved" protectants are continuously being introduced in the market.  We have tested different methods over the last couple of years and continue to do so.  We use only the best products available to give our customer the best and longest-lasting results possible.
QUESTION: What types of chips and cracks can you fix, and will it be noticeable after repair?
ANSWER: We can repair any type of chip, and cracks up to 15 inches long.  However, there is a limit to what we can do, and we'll give you an honest assessment when we arrive.  A brick through the window will require a replacement, but a star-type chip can be fixed in about 20 minutes.  No repair process will completely eliminate a chip or crack, but our repairs will greatly reduce visibility of the damage, and in most cases will only be noticeable to someone knows exactly where to look, and while up close.
QUESTION: Do you replace headlights or windshields?
ANSWER No.  Our ultimate goal is to repair and/or restore, but we will be happy to make a referral to another company that specializes in replacement if required.
QUESTION: Can you restore my headlights if there is damage or water on the inside of the headlight lens?
ANSWER: No.  This process involves removing the headlight, opening the headlight casing by breaking the factory seal, removing the moisture and potentially polishing the interior of the lens, resealing the lens, and then reinstalling and realigning the lens.  This is an intensive process and difficult to achieve a good permanent seal and realign the headlight.  Sometimes headlights are so hazy that interior damage isn't discovered until the lens is restored.  If we discover interior damage during our restoration process, we will let you know immediately and you can choose whether to complete the remaining restoration steps.  We generally recommend completing the process because visibility and safety will still be improved by restoring the outside of the lens.
STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?  PLEASE EMAIL US AT custserv@emcautogal.com and we will respond within 24 hours.